Pregnancy yoga

Practising yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful experience to share with your baby and also brings you endless benefits.  Yoga in pregnancy helps to release tensions, helps to increase strength for carrying your baby, improves your breathing patterns to use in labour, improves sleep patterns and your ability to rest, helps to make more space for your growing baby, can have pain relieving effects and can assist with quicker post natal recovery.  My style of pregnancy yoga (from 12 weeks to full term) is mildly energising, gently strengthening and tension relieving through the practice of comfortable poses, nourishing flow sequences, relaxing breathing techniques and mindful movement.  My pregnancy yoga classes are suitable for women seeking to maintain strength, flexibility and energy levels and for women seeking to relax and focus on their baby.  Yoga practice will help you to adjust to the changes that come with pregnancy and will help you through birthing and recovery.

Post natal yoga

Practising yoga during the post natal period will help you to recover from pregnancy and birthing and will help to restore your physical energy and emotional balance.  During the post natal period it is essential to treat your body supportively.  My style of post natal yoga is slow, gentle and progressive with an emphasis on healing breathing techniques.  My post natal classes are suitable for women seeking to gently stretch and mobilise and for women ready to begin to activate abdominal core stability and pelvic floor strength.

Mother and baby yoga

Yoga is a fantastic activity to share with your new baby. This practice is healing and energising to help your recovery from pregnancy and birthing whilst you enjoy a mutually beneficial experience. My classes are suitable for any mother with baby up to crawling age.

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